Ezri, Sous Chef

Ezri 2

Ezri, the sous chef, and cat de cuisine at Southern Feast. I found Ezri at the animal shelter nine years ago, and she had me at hello. When I put my fingers into the cage she immediately licked my fingers. She still does this almost every day. Ezri likes to be in the kitchen with me when I cook, but at times this can be problematic. On one occasion I was carrying a large pot of water with pasta in it, and she decided it would be a good time to wind around my legs! Fortunately I was able to avert what could have a disaster for both of us.

She also doesn’t care for kitchen appliances that make too much noise. The mixer or food processor, for example. I much prefer her to watch from the doorway, but I do worry about her getting injured. I think though, as she has aged she has learned when to stay out of the kitchen (when I am carrying anything hot).

As much as Ezri likes to watch me cook, she absolutely will not eat people food or table scraps (and believe me, I have offered). When I do try to tempt her with something she stares at me as though I am trying to poison her! I guess she is set in her ways with the gourmet cat food she insists upon. For some reason the worse it smells, the more she likes it. Yuck! And trust me, if the dry food bowl is empty (or even close to empty) her highness will let me know. Usually at four in the morning by meowing very loudly into my ear.

All of this being said, she is my buddy, greeter and cooking companion.

Stay tuned for more escapades from the Cat de Cuisine…

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